As a young girl, on the island of Barbados, Janelle Headley would grab every opportunity to be involved in the arts. Whether it was singing, dancing, acting, painting or drawing, Janelle was always there, in the thick of things, creating. For her this was ‘home’ —the best way she could express herself.

At the age of 17, music became her main focus so she made her way to The King’s University College, Edmonton Alberta. There she studied classical voice and was a member of the College’s Chamber and Concert Choirs. After spending a crucial year consolidating her music skills, soon the young artist felt a burning desire to learn more about Jazz.  So in the summer of 2001 she moved east and enrolled in York University’s (Toronto) Jazz Program.

Upon graduation from York University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Specialised Honours Degree in Music, Janelle performed at numerous events including the Barbados Jazz Festival, The Beaches Jazz Festival and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival. Her performances are eclectic and breezy, warm and inviting, a voice richly smooth, possessing depth and maturity that belies her age. Some say that it’s unmistakeably a Jazz voice. However, many types of music influence her sound. Whatever the label you choose, her performance is an experience you’re not likely to forget. “After I heard her sing for the first time I became a believer!”, “She is a breath of fresh air and leaves you wanting for more”, audience members have said.

In addition to performing, Janelle has always been passionate about Performing Arts Education. Her desire is that everyone can experience the joy of actively participating in the arts. In 2005 she founded Live the Music! Breathe the Music ©, a company dedicated to offering superior training to aspiring vocalists and musicians by way of private lessons and workshops. Her expertise, particularly in vocal performance technique, is often called upon by artists to enhance their shows and studio recordings.
Live Breathe Music School's Christmas Concert 2007
Six years after launching ‘Live-Breathe Music!’ Janelle incorporated dance and theatre through Operation Triple Threat: Sing, Dance, Act (O.T.T.), a Musical Theatre branch of the company, which provides both a summer and weekly programme for teens between 11 and 18 years. In January 2012 she launched the artist forum series ‘Real Talk- From Artist to Artist’, featuring international recording artists Hal Linton and Jaicko, as well as  Peter Headley (no relation), who is the manager/agent to keyboardist and musical director for Adele, Miles Robertson. 
Janelle Headley’s goal is to use the performing arts to inspire, question and to catalyze change. As a performer, tutor, facilitator and creative director she believes that the message is as critical as the medium, and hopes that, through the opportunities she provides, she can help other artists to be the best they can be